CNRC and TAC EarlyBird Week of 10/14/2019

Earlybird Weather outlook: Monday raining and 55. Tuesday 45 degrees. Thursday 48 degrees. Friday 42 degrees. Looks like all matches will be indoors. Some matches are at Colts Neck and some are at TAC, so pay attention, kids.

Mon 10/14
TAC Court 1: Bob W & Sharon D vs Ed K & Bert M

Tue 10/15
CNRC Court 1: Mike M & Bob G vs Jim K & Dave W

Wed 10/16
You hope for great fun
But there is only sorrow
No match is scheduled.

Thu 10/17
CNRC Court 1: Bob G & Dan M vs Chris M & Bob W
TAC Court 2: Ray F & Bert M vs Mike M & Ed K

Fri 10/18
TAC Court 1: Bert M & Bob W vs Jim K & Ray F

Ocean Road EarlyBird Week of 10/7/2019

Weather looks good for Monday morning so let’s shoot for Ocean Road. Sunrise is 6:59 Monday so let’s arrive about 6:50 to warm up and start play at 7:00 We’ll have to see about the weather the rest of the week and decide where to play.

Mon 10/7
Court 1: Jim K & Sharon D vs Dave W & Ed K

Tue 10/8 – Looks rainy so plat at Atlantic club 6:45 AM start.
Court 1: Jim K & Ed K vs Ray F & Bert M

Wed 10/9 No matches

Thu 10/10
Court 1: Ed K & Chris M vs Bob W & Bob G

Fri 10/11
Court 1: Dave W & Ray F vs Bert M & Bob G