Ocean Road EarlyBird Week of 10/7/2019

Weather looks good for Monday morning so let’s shoot for Ocean Road. Sunrise is 6:59 Monday so let’s arrive about 6:50 to warm up and start play at 7:00 We’ll have to see about the weather the rest of the week and decide where to play.

Mon 10/7
Court 1: Jim K & Sharon D vs Dave W & Ed K

Tue 10/8 – Looks rainy so plat at Atlantic club 6:45 AM start.
Court 1: Jim K & Ed K vs Ray F & Bert M

Wed 10/9 No matches

Thu 10/10
Court 1: Ed K & Chris M vs Bob W & Bob G

Fri 10/11
Court 1: Dave W & Ray F vs Bert M & Bob G

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